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The dispute between machines and people in Tourism: qunar vs Ctrip

at present, many rumors allege that qunar zhuangchenchao will leave due to cash out of investment. In fact, such rumors can be stopped

since where Baidu invested in 2011, there has been news on the Internet that zhuangchenchao is leaving his post, but he has not left -- this may prove to some extent that he will not leave this time, because in all respects, he has reasons to stay

if Zhuang Chenchao eventually stays, the biggest factor that makes him win is actually the business model of qunar

qunar, founded by Zhuang Chenchao, does not copy the model of the United States or Europe. Qunar is an original tourist search station. It pursues the theory that technology creates value. Before going there, the problem of China's tourism industry is that the information is complex and highly dispersed, resulting in the high circulation cost of information. The identity created by qunar is the information aggregator. Through technical means, the information flow of the industry can be effectively and real-time integrated to maximize the value of these information. Qunar launched the ticket trading platform TTS (total solution, also known as SaaS) in july2010. This innovative move has also attracted outside attention

in fact, when TripAdvisor, an American tourist station, began to implement payment transactions in 2013, it was exactly where China went that they followed

this marks that qunar's business model has begun to be widely accepted by investors. In 2013, kayak was called "where to go" in the United States for the first time in foreign media; This should be the first time for a Chinese company to export an innovative model in the international market

on this search platform, zhuangchenchao, as the founder, is a geek who knows a lot about technology. There are strong technical barriers to search. At the beginning, baidu once considered to build a search engine for the production line of 300MW full vanadium liquid flow battery system built by Dalian Rongke. However, due to the high content of this technical barrier, it finally chose to invest and control

based on such a platform, qunar completes cloud Q & A in the context of massive big data. Ctrip is a customer service center model based on the call center. There is an era difference between them, and they are facing the threat of being eliminated by the era of big data. For example, Zhuang Chenchao believes that in the long run, the call center is worthless. The overall situation of the dialogue service industry has improved compared with that in the early stage. In his opinion, the future wireless clients will undertake more tasks, leading to the further decline of the importance of the call center. I don't need to invest in something destined to sink. Qunar is best at technology. Instead of being a good call center, it's better to take this energy to recruit engineers and make the troubleshooting of air tickets and hotels more automated

this idea was also mentioned by Zhuang Chenchao at the 2013 financial report conference. He said that the answering rate of qunar customer service was as high as 95%, and 50% of the refund and refund services were completed through the automatic system. Zhuangchenchao told analysts: it is hoped that by 2015, most of these services can be completed by machines

from this perspective, the dispute between qunar and Ctrip is actually a staged contest between machines and people. Whether the opponent is willing to admit it or not, qunar's more avantgarde mode and technology is an objective existence, which is also the biggest chip Zhuang Chenchao may dominate in the negotiation

over the past three years, the advantages and disadvantages of qunar and Ctrip have been clearly reflected in the changes in market value. At present, qunar's 2585 employees have created a market value of $3.5 billion, while the number of employees is ten times that of qunar's Ctrip, and the market value created by more than 20000 people is only more than $7 billion. In short, qunar is subverting all the practices of Ctrip with innovation and technology, and the future resources will be more inclined to qunar. A proof is that the ticket to where to go has ranked first. According to the respective financial reports of Ctrip and qunar, the number of tickets issued by Ctrip in the third quarter of 2013 was about 13.6 million, a year-on-year increase of 31%; In contrast, the number of tickets issued by qunar that lifted the hammer off the bottom increased by 94% to 14.5 million, completing the overall surpassing of Ctrip's ticket business. During the new year's day of 2014, qunar mobile booked more than 60000 tickets, setting a record for one-day bookings

where to go has never focused on profits, because zhuangchenchao has his own judgment on market share and profits. His strategy is to exchange profits for market share and trading volume. Moreover, zhuangchenchao believes that this will be a long-term process. From the market performance of qunar in the past two years, Zhuang Chenchao's market strategy should be correct

young zhuangchenchao is bound to lead a new round of tourism trends

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