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Zhuhai College of Beijing University of Technology launched the video conference of Xunzhong shares to suspend classes without suspension

the epidemic in 2020 has had a serious impact on the lives of all people, but the time will not be suspended because of the epidemic. In order to ensure the safety of all teachers and students to keep up with the teaching progress and avoid cross infection. Zhuhai College of Beijing University of Technology launched the video conference system of Xunzhong Co., Ltd. to comprehensively start the distance teaching work and ensure that classes will not be suspended

Zhuhai College of Beijing University of technology, founded in 2004, is an undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of education. The school is located in Tangjiawan, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. It is a national international business talent training base and a member of CDIO Engineering Education Alliance. The video conference system provided by Xunzhong shares is used to serve the distance teaching during the epidemic period of the college, meeting the teaching needs of nearly 1000 teachers in the college, and supporting up to 10000 students to attend classes at the same time

teachers can use the multi-party sharing function including video, P, Pt, word, courseware and other manuscripts of a company located in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as the teaching functions such as Q & A, multi-party comments, raising hands, group chat/private chat, whiteboard, notes, recording, etc., to help professional teaching more comprehensively

students can watch teaching conferences through windows/mac/ios/android and other systems, pads and computers. The unique three-layer adaptive ability of the platform ensures the synchronization, stability and smoothness of conference sound and picture, can intelligently identify the equipment screen pixels, network environment and other conditions of all parties, and can intelligently adjust to the best video teaching experience in real time. Whether watching at home, outdoors, on the subway or on the train, it can ensure the stability of the classroom

help colleges and universities' remote educational administration supervision

at the same time, Zhuhai College of Beijing University of technology also takes a fancy to the integrated background management function of the Xunzhong video conference system, which is convenient for the Academic Affairs Office of the university to effectively master the teaching work of teachers, strengthen the school administration supervision, and form detailed professional data reports and models

with the development of mobile Internet, AI and other technologies, the flexible and convenient advantages of distance learning are gradually highlighted and amplified. Xunzhong shares is willing to help colleges and universities provide education services through mature and professional video and audio solutions

the comprehensive service advantages of Xunzhong shares

saas mode

there is no need to deploy servers, no equipment requirements, no installation and maintenance costs, and only one accessible, pad or computer is required

professional customization

for the needs of more professional meetings of institutions, provide software and hardware integration solutions, and support the flexible deployment of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud

compatible with Internet, so

supports h.3. On the other hand, the paperboard industry is likely to face the severe test of the rapid growth of upstream base paper and excess capacity. 23/sip system access will bring a new look to the traditional conference room; Open API and SDK interfaces to facilitate third-party application integration

operator support

12 years of experience in the communication industry, the three operators' advantageous line resources, large concurrent support, and 7*24h rapid response to customers

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