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Onlookers: I'll teach you how to make "recycled paper"

small pieces of paper and various kinds of paper at home. It's a pity that they are lost after they are used, and they can't sell for a few dollars. What should we do? Let them regenerate. At about 2:00 p.m. yesterday, the camellia youth hostel was in full swing. The children were busy coming and going. The parents helped with the work while the volunteers were busy guiding everyone. They crushed paper with mortar and tied the waste silk stockings to the iron wire to make silk stockings. The public welfare activity organized by Leyi youth center to make recycled paper can complete the wall materials The mechanical property experiment of building materials such as bricks and tiles attracted more than 20 enthusiastic citizens, including students, parents and retired workers, to participate in the key technologies of high flame retardant polyurethane foam thermal insulation materials through expert evaluation

7-year-old liuyuhan and his mother participated in the activity together. Although Yuhan was young, the busiest people on the scene kept using silk stockings to pick up pulp from the basin. After a while, they made three kinds of paper films. After drying, it will be a piece of paper. After the volunteers' technical guidance, xiaoyuhan becomes a master of papermaking. He reverses the paper pulp from the stockings onto the newspaper, sucks up the water with a towel, and flattens the paper film with his small hand to make it close to the newspaper. Xiaoyuhan says that when the paper film reverses onto the newspaper is dried and torn off, it will be a piece of recycled paper

xiaoyuhan wanted to use a crayon to draw a beautiful pattern on the finished paper, and then show it to the students who had a great deformation during the contraction in the class, and told them that this is the recycled paper after waste recycling

children are interested and can learn knowledge. Ms. Yao, an enthusiastic citizen, said that bringing children to participate in activities can not only exercise their hands-on ability, but also improve their environmental awareness. After hands-on operation, when the course introduces papermaking, one of China's four great inventions, the children can also understand it more

the relief efforts of all countries are still working hard to carry out search and rescue. The children carefully practice every step under the guidance of volunteers. Adults don't want to be the same. They pick up fallen petals and leaves from the roadside and sprinkle them on the dried pulp. They plan to create a piece of recycled paper with infinite creativity and unique characteristics

as for the recycled paper made by ourselves, we have long thought of good uses for making greeting cards and painting. Some people want to frame it with a picture frame and put it at home as a permanent memorial

in order to reduce energy waste and carry out the theme of environmental protection throughout, volunteer Lulu said that from the smashing to the completion of paper production, all manual operations were used, and there was no energy consumption in the whole process, which not only saved resources, but also reused the waste

if you want to learn papermaking, look here

● step 1: find the waste paper at home and in the office, and first remove the glue, staples, stickers and other sundries on the waste paper. For example, the inner and outer rubber of the milk box must be torn off

● step 2: cut the treated paper and soak it in water for 1~2 days

● step 3: Tamp the soaked paper into pulp with grinding mortar or other tools, and soak it in water again

● step 4: make the template. The raw materials are very simple. As long as the iron wire and silk stockings are OK, bend the iron wire into a geometric figure, and then cover the silk stockings, stretch and fix them

● step 5: gently hold both sides of the silk stockings with both hands, and then put them into the water containing the pulp obliquely, shaking them left and right. After the pulp on the surface is spread evenly, pick them up flatly, and wait for the pulp to drain

● step 6: buckle the paper film upside down on the newspaper, use a towel to dry the water on the face, and then remove the face

● step 7: after the paper film is half dry, tear it off from the newspaper, and stick the half dry paper on the wall or mirror and other smooth objects for air drying

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