How to prolong the service life of electric telesc

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How to correctly extend the service life of electric telescopic door

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

the convenience, quickness and intelligence of the electric telescopic door make many people like it. However, the service life seems to be different from that of traditional doors. In fact, the correct maintenance method of electric telescopic doors can prolong the service life of electric telescopic doors

first, the daily use of electric telescopic doors should be correct. Don't use too much force. If you find any obstruction, you should cut off the power first

second, wash frequently. When scrubbing, try to choose soft gauze or cotton yarn to avoid scratching the surface of the electric telescopic door

third, avoid acidic and alkaline chemicals from contacting the surface of aluminum alloy electric telescopic door

fourth, if any hardware parts are found to be damaged, they should be repaired or replaced in time. If the hardware parts have been used for a long time, they can be coated with a little wax oil or dripped with some engine oil to reduce friction and keep the opening and closing of the electric telescopic door easy and flexible

proper maintenance is the best way to prolong the service life of the electric telescopic door, especially the method of using the electric telescopic door at ordinary times

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