Wardrobe decoration should be treated with caution

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Wardrobe is an indispensable thing in a family. Focus decoration home network, decoration must also be treated with caution. Making and buying wardrobes have their own advantages, which depends on whether the owner decorates the house for a long time or temporarily. For long-term use of the room, it's best to make a wardrobe. It's better to buy an Internet super girl for a temporary stay

wardrobe decoration

the wardrobe bought looks expensive for the whole family. Because it is difficult to directly coordinate the bought wardrobe with the decorative style, the size of the bought wardrobe is difficult to be consistent with the original size of the room, and the space of the room is not well used. The top of the wardrobe often becomes a place where dust accumulates. Moreover, the wardrobe is made of density board, which is prone to moisture deformation and has a relatively short service life, which is a problem encountered by all owners of the wardrobe

design a wardrobe for the interior when decorating. (also known as wall cabinet or wall cabinet) the location of LuDingJi, and on-site processing and production, so that the wardrobe can be integrated with the decoration of the room, and the space utilization rate can reach 100%. If the sliding door is used for the closet door, the space for opening the door is saved, which is more suitable for the small bedroom

the design of the wardrobe can be said to be a revolution of the wardrobe, and the wardrobe with your favorite style and shape can be processed on the whole wall. The panel can be made of frosted glass or maple, beech, cherry, gold, white, hand painted, etc. It can bring infinite scenery to the whole room

the economical and practical beautiful wardrobe is: for the room with concave wall in the structure, it is economical and practical to make a wardrobe on the whole wall. As for the beautiful cabinet door, it is mainly composed of the panel of the cabinet. The wall cabinet can be designed according to different sizes. The top row can be designed to be similar to the shape of the hanging cabinet. There is also a single door, which can be filled with all kinds of bedding supplies that are not commonly used in spring and winter. The biggest feature of the wardrobe is its low cost and long service life, which is very practical




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