Tips for maintenance of open cabinets in summer

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At present, open kitchen is more and more popular and has become the development trend of home decoration. Then, how to combine the cabinet with your home environment and become a good partner for home life, the decoration designer also put forward three ideas:

first, make full use of space. Use the wall of the space between the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet to install shelves, which can place the microwave oven of the disinfection cabinet or install shelves, hooks, cups, condiment bottles, shovels, spoons, etc., so as to avoid them occupying the countertop of the cabinet. Second, the convenience within reach. When working in the kitchen, some items are often available at any time. The limited space of the small kitchen determines that these items can only be placed inside the cabinet, which is very troublesome when taking them. You might as well use a trolley with cabinets to solve this problem. Set the flat plate on the top of the trolley as a temporary console, and push it back into the cabinet after use

third, there are university questions in the space in the cabinet. If you are a conscientious person, you will find that there will be some small gaps after placing items in the cabinet. According to the characteristics of the small kitchen, the designer nailed hooks and rods on the cabinet door to hang items. Some household appliances, such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, ovens, etc., can also be built into cabinets




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