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Recently, Yilian custom furniture entered Zhushan, Hubei Province, and wrote Yilian's dedication and sincerity into the hearts of Zhushan people. All employees of Yilian also brought healthy and environmentally friendly household products to every Zhushan people

Zhushan County, known as Shangyong in ancient times, is located in the hinterland of Qinba Mountain Area in the northwest of Hubei Province. It belongs to Wudang Mountain in the north and Daba Mountain in the south. The abandoned emperor of the Western Wei Dynasty was renamed Zhushan because of its lush forests and beautiful mountains and rivers! The territory is rich in hydropower, mineral, biological and eco-cultural tourism resources! It is "the hometown of turquoise in China", with niobium rare earth mineral reserves ranking second in the country. It is rich in silver, gold, iron, vanadium, stone coal, siliceous slate and other mineral reserves. It is "the hometown of high flavor ecological green tea in China" and "the hometown of belly cultivation in China"

general manager Zhao, who newly joined Yilian home, has been engaged in the wardrobe customization industry in Zhushan, a geomantic treasure land. He is a well-known local designer. After comparing and actually visiting several customized wardrobe, general manager Zhao found Yilian's strong competitive advantage and huge market potential in the industry, and immediately decided to sign a contract with Yilian. Back in Zhushan, Mr. Zhao quickly began planning based on his own conditions and local conditions. So far, all samples in the store have been in place, waiting for the outbreak of opening

here I wish president Zhao to realize his career dream of designing the most environmentally friendly and high-quality wardrobe, write the dedication and sincerity of Yilian into the hearts of Zhushan people, and all employees of Yilian will also bring healthy and environmentally friendly household products to every Zhushan people




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