How to choose sliding door for balcony decoration

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Wuhan decoration owners' houses, no matter how small, will also have a balcony. Many owners' master bedrooms are outside the balcony, which is related to the choice of sliding doors. So what material is good for sliding doors? Today, Xiaobian will talk about the choice of balcony door for balcony decoration

1. Aluminum magnesium titanium alloy doors are economical.

aluminum magnesium titanium alloy doors are solid, have many designs and colors, and have many kinds of glass. In addition, there are a variety of affordable shapes to choose from. Now they are very thin and welcome

key points for balcony door selection: when selecting aluminum magnesium alloy doors, attention should be paid to the door frame to be clean, flat, free of scratches and bruises; Hardware shall be complete and in correct position; The glass shall be flat and firmly installed without looseness. The single-layer glass shall not directly contact the profile. The inner and outer surfaces of the double-layer glass shall be clean. There shall be no dust and moisture in the glass interlayer, and the spacer strip shall not be tilted. In addition, we need to know how the after-sales service is

2. Plastic steel sliding door has good sound insulation effect

plastic steel sliding door is a new type of sliding door. This kind of plastic steel sliding door has the advantages of energy saving, sound insulation, flame retardancy, beauty, corrosion resistance and long service life. At the same time, it is of great significance to protect wood and ecological environment, and has been recognized by consumers and society

the plastic steel sliding door has the characteristics of good sealing and heat insulation, no deformation as a whole, and the surface is not easy to age. For houses with large outdoor noise, it is best to choose plastic steel doors with hollow glass or double glass for balcony decoration, which has excellent sealing and sound insulation effects

when shopping, you must go to the formal building materials market. The roadside stalls have simple processing equipment, and the accuracy and strength cannot be guaranteed at all. Moreover, the steel lining of the profile is of poor quality, even without steel lining, and other accessories are also very poor

3. The wooden sliding door has strong texture

the biggest advantage of the wooden sliding door is that it has strong texture of wood grain. The unique warmth and excellent durability of natural wood are loved by people, and it can add elegance and nobility to the home

the above is the analysis and comparison of balcony door material selection. Xiaobian reminds Wuhan decoration owners to consider the safety of balcony when choosing balcony door




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