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The automobile Internet has given birth to the trend of marketing diversification and interconnection.

the automobile Internet has given birth to the marketing diversification pattern, and interconnection has gradually become a trend. Marketing means are more diversified, and automobile antitrust is further deepened. The automobile Internet gave birth to a diversified marketing pattern. On January 8, 2015 China Automobile Dealer Marketing Summit was held in Beijing. Many experts pointed out that with the continuous extension of the interconnection of the automotive industry, the automotive industry will face changes in 2015. Emerging sales channels such as vertical stations and mobile terminals are forming a diversified pattern of automotive marketing

Xiaozhengsan, Secretary General of China Automobile Circulation Association, pointed out that as the world's largest automobile market, the vigorous development of China's market has brought new opportunities to the global automobile industry, and it is also facing challenges that other markets have never encountered. As the backbone of marketing and service, dealers will play a more prominent and critical role

Internet has become the main channel for manufacturers to contact consumers. The proportion of marketing budget invested by automobile enterprises in Internet has increased year by year, and online marketing and promotion methods have become more diversified. According to the 2014 white paper on the Internet marketing trend of Chinese auto dealers, dealers' investment in the Internet has been increasing, and the trend of putting vertical stations intensively is obvious. In 2015, more dealers will put mobile terminals

participants generally believed that auto dealers who undertake sales and service functions in the auto industry chain are facing great challenges. In terms of new car sales, some areas that dealers could have dabbled in were preempted by some entrepreneurial companies; In terms of used car sales, the rise of Internet used car auction and trading platforms has been recognized by the capital market; The new auto Internet finance is also grabbing the market share of dealers in financial services. In addition, the car maintenance products in the post service field emerge in endlessly, which intensifies the industry competition

more diversified marketing means

2014 saw a new breakthrough in the Internet marketing of the domestic automotive industry. According to the public data of autohome, on the day of "double 11", the total number of orders confirmed by auto e-commerce was 37117, with a total order amount of RMB 6.054 billion. Among them, there were 532331 clue orders for the whole station of e-Car double 11, with a transaction amount of 1.873 billion yuan. According to tmall, consumers ordered 50700 complete vehicles from October 15 to November 11

automotive home ce0 Qin Zhi believes that the trend of interconnection in the automotive industry is unstoppable, but interconnection is only a service tool in the final analysis. In the new environment, dealers are faced with how to embrace the Internet, adhere to the user-centered approach, objectively easy to cause errors, and use the Internet tools to transform the current business and improve the user experience and value. In terms of business operation, it is an important direction for dealers to develop in the future to develop their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses, maximize their core profitable business and carry out differentiated competition

the marketing means of the automobile industry are becoming more and more diversified, which also indicates that the new service products and comprehensive service capabilities of automobile dealers are more important. On january8,2015, autohome released its new auto marketing product I auto dealer intelligent marketing system. It is understood that auto dealer I is a new product that can improve the comprehensive service ability of auto dealers. It is an integrated system platform for auto home to provide intelligent marketing and customer relationship management solutions to auto manufacturers and dealers. Through the whole process management of online and offline customer contact points and big data technology, I car dealers present a complete panoramic portrait of car buyers, helping car manufacturers and dealers achieve high-precision transformation of Internet potential customers and customer relationship management

Tianjin has finalized the promotion goal of new energy vehicles

at 05:51 on January 9, 2015, the Tianjin municipal government recently issued the implementation plan for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Tianjin (year). The plan proposes to focus on the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in six areas, including buses, postal express vehicles, taxis, sanitation vehicles, official vehicles, enterprises and private vehicles, reaching 12000 in 2015

the plan proposes to establish and improve the planning system and policy support system for charging and power exchange facilities, establish a diversified infrastructure construction and operation system, and accelerate the improvement of the new energy vehicle charging network covering the whole city, which is dominated by self use charging facilities and supplemented by public fast charging facilities, so as to basically realize the convenience and networking of charging in the urban area. Adhere to the principles of government guidance, market-oriented operation and enterprise oriented operation, and promote new models such as vehicle leasing and battery leasing. Improve the technical level and industrial scale, effectively drive the development of new energy vehicle industry in our city through promotion and application, achieve a breakthrough in the production of new energy vehicles in our city, and the battery industry has reached the international leading level. Promote the urban MOF materials loaded with glucose molecules to keep the skeleton structure unchanged at 200 ℃, adjust the energy consumption structure in the transportation field, save more than 80000 tons of fuel per year, and further reduce automobile exhaust emissions

the scheme is proposed to speed up the development of new energy vehicles. In terms of passenger cars, promote the new energy bus project to be put into production as soon as possible, so as to provide support for the popularization and application of the fixture used to clamp the test piece during the tensile test of pure electric buses. In terms of passenger vehicles, we will increase support and services, speed up the application of new energy vehicle production qualifications and product announcements, and realize the promotion and application. In terms of special-purpose vehicles, we will further expand the production capacity of micro pure electric trucks, promote the cooperation and product development between new energy special-purpose vehicle manufacturers and key parts and components enterprises such as motors, electronic control systems and batteries, promote the application for production qualifications of key enterprises, and accelerate the development of new energy special vehicles such as sanitation and logistics

the pilot launch of parallel imported vehicles was good for related companies at 05:51 on January 9, 2015, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone judged the management committee according to the required failure mode jointly issued the notice on carrying out the pilot of parallel imported vehicles in the China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone on January 7, marking the official launch of the pilot of parallel imported vehicles in the Shanghai free trade zone. Insiders pointed out that the liberalization of parallel imported cars will help break the monopoly of multinational manufacturers, and the prices of imported cars will be impacted. The start of the pilot project is expected to bring benefits to Gaoqiao, Sinomach and other companies

automobile antitrust further deepened

the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce required in the notice that the pilot enterprises should fulfill their obligations of product recall, quality assurance, after-sales service, automobile Three Guarantees, average fuel consumption accounting, etc. according to law, not allow the import of used cars and illegally modified cars, and be responsible for eliminating quality defects by adopting the scheme approved by the original manufacturer. On the basis of Waigaoqiao automobile trading market, Shanghai free trade zone will establish an import automobile trading center in the free trade zone. China Merchants Securities believes that this will help to explore and improve the standardized operation and management system of parallel imported vehicles, including overseas procurement, new vehicle sales, parts supply, maintenance, three guarantees and recall, service support, etc

on November 6, 2014, the opinions on strengthening import issued by the State Council clearly pointed out that we should further optimize the management of import links and step up the pilot of parallel import of automobiles in Shanghai free trade zone. According to the plan, the pilot of parallel imported vehicles will expand the trading scope in due time on the basis of the pilot implementation within the free trade zone and based on the progress and certain experience. Insiders pointed out that the Tianjin, Guangdong and Fujian free trade zones have been approved, which means that the successful experience of the pilot of parallel imported vehicles is expected to be promoted in other free trade zones

insiders pointed out that the launch of the pilot of parallel import of automobiles indicates the deepening of the national anti-monopoly on automobiles. The liberalization of parallel imports will weaken the monopoly position of multinational manufacturers and general dealers, and the price of imported cars is expected to decline, which is conducive to the expansion of the entire imported car market

short-term benefits to relevant companies

after the State Council issued several opinions on strengthening import, on November 14, 2014, Waigaoqiao announced that it planned to increase the capital of Shanghai Waigaoqiao automobile trading market Co., Ltd., which was mainly used to carry out the pilot of parallel import of vehicles in the free trade zone, that is, while China's current single brand authorized automobile import business model, Carry out the multi-channel import business model of brand cars in the pilot free trade zone. Waigaoqiao expressed that it will actively explore the innovation of China's brand automobile import management system and deeply build the automobile industry service chain in the free trade zone

Haitong Securities believes that the pilot of parallel import of automobiles in Shanghai free trade zone is expected to enable Waigaoqiao to effectively enter the post service market of automobiles, and will enable dealers and consumers to enjoy more convenient, efficient and high-quality service treatment. In addition, the liberalization and improvement of the parallel import automobile market will help to reduce the current high import automobile prices and promote the increase of transaction volume

Everbright Securities believes that the expansion of the parallel import market will inevitably have an impact on the conventional import channels, which will be mainly reflected in the downward exploration of the price of imported vehicles, which will instead reduce the low price of the most primitive economic power on which the parallel import market depends. Under the premise of no impact on the price system of imported vehicles, Sinomach has taken advantage of the trend to promote parallel import business, which is good in the short term

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