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The research and development achievements of large-scale, fast and efficient NC automatic stamping in the automotive industry

"high-end NC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" - a major special scientific and technological subject - "large-scale, fast and efficient NC automatic stamping production line", passed the national appraisal today. Experts in the industry pointed out that this is a major breakthrough in China's large-scale rapid and flexible stamping technology, which completely gets rid of the situation that China's automotive industry mainly relies on imports for high-end stamping equipment. It is a milestone for breaking the monopoly of foreign product market, promoting the localization of domestic automotive industry equipment, and improving the competitiveness of domestic automobiles

the large-scale fast and efficient automatic stamping production line is a large-scale stamping equipment integrating machine, electricity and fluid, which represents the latest development trend of international stamping technology. With the acceleration of the upgrading of the automotive industry, the automotive industry presents the characteristics of large-scale production, personalized models, large-scale body panels and integration. In order to meet this development demand, the automatic rapid stamping production line with high precision, high efficiency and flexibility has gradually become the inevitable choice of more and more automobile manufacturers. The 42000kn (KN) large-scale fast and efficient CNC full-automatic stamping production line developed by Jinan No. 2 machine tool group consists of 1 LSB closed four-point multi link press and 3 JC closed four-point presses. This production line is not only the first stamping production line equipped with double arm rapid feeding system in China, but also creates a new record of producing 15 large auto panels per minute. At the same time, the continuous stroke production mode is adopted for the first time, and the fully automatic die change time is only 3 minutes, realizing the whole process of production and operation without human operation. The main performance indicators of the whole machine are superior to the similar products of foreign top enterprises, It is the highest level of high-speed automatic stamping production line in the world, and also the stamping production line with the most complete functions, the highest efficiency, performance and standards applied in the domestic automotive industry

the implementation of the project relies on the 42000kn full-automatic flexible rapid stamping production line of Shanghai General Motors (Yantai) Dongyue automobile company, and is selected into the top ten landmark projects of major national projects. The operation report given by Shanghai General Motors (Yantai) Dongyue automobile company shows that since the 42000kn large-scale fast and efficient automatic stamping production line designed and manufactured by Jinan No. 2 machine tool was officially put into use in March2010, the daily production capacity has reached more than 10000 pieces, which has played a key role in realizing the production target of Shanghai General Motors' annual output of 1million vehicles. After nearly a year of production verification, the production line has advanced structure, complete functions, stable operation, reliable control, safe and convenient operation. The main technical parameters and performance indicators such as production beat, full-automatic mold change time, synchronous control, etc. have met the requirements of the technical agreement and met the production needs of Ge Dongyue

experts from national ministries and commissions, industry associations and user units listened to the work report of the research group on site, reviewed relevant materials and conducted on-site investigation. Finally, they agreed that the production line reached the international advanced level and had broad application prospects

Jinan No.2 machine tool, which has created many "first in China" in the field of forging, has successfully developed Yantai Dongyue "15 times line" with the help of the implementation of major projects on the basis of the independent development of China's first large-scale rapid stamping production line and the first single arm feeding rapid stamping line with a stamping tempo of 12 times/min. The three promotions have achieved a qualitative leap in technology. As an expert from the China Machine Tool Association said, "every improvement is a fatal problem, which puts forward high requirements for the structural strength, manufacturing accuracy, control system and other aspects of the equipment. This is like the 100 meter race. The result is increased from 12 seconds to 11 seconds, 10 seconds, and then to 9 seconds. It is more difficult step by step. It is not easy for Jinan No. 2 machine tool to reach this level."

according to zhangzhigang, chairman and general manager of Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group, "large-scale, fast and efficient CNC fully automatic stamping production line" is one of the seven major science and technology special projects undertaken by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group. Driven by the implementation of major national science and technology projects, Jinan No.2 machine tool has accelerated the pace of innovation, enhanced its R & D capacity, and broken through the technical bottleneck. In addition to the single arm rapid feeding stamping production line, all the key stamping technologies such as the self-developed large multi station press and large servo press are fully in line with international standards, realizing the synchronous development with the latest international technical level, and even surpassing the foreign level in some fields. Since the implementation of major projects, Jinan No.2 machine tool has invested 480million yuan to improve the innovation system, overcome 35 technical difficulties of guanganfeng lithium, issued a progress announcement on the production of its joint-stock subsidiary, Australian rim, obtained 12 national invention patents, 11 utility model patents, and formulated 5 national standards, 1 industry standard, and 20 enterprise standards

the implementation of the major special project of Jinan No.2 machine tool has accelerated the market transformation of new technologies and further promoted the cultivation and development of the high-end market. After the successful development of the "15 times fast line", Ji'er successively signed a series of world-class stamping equipment with users such as FAW Volkswagen, SAIC General Motors, Chery Automobile, GAC Fiat, Jiangling Automobile, such as large-scale automatic fast stamping production line, robot automatic stamping production line, large-scale servo press, large-scale multi station press, and fully realized the marketization of major special research results. Since april2009, Ji'er has undertaken orders for nearly 20 large-scale rapid stamping production lines. The R & D and design capacity of high-tech technology has been greatly improved, and the order proportion of technical products has increased from 10% to 50%. Only large and heavy forging equipment can extend the characteristics of equipment using rubber fatigue testing machine, and the domestic market share has reached more than 70%. Not only independent brand enterprises, but also joint ventures such as FAW Volkswagen, Guangzhou Honda and Shanghai GM further shifted their orders for high-end products to domestic brand equipment

the implementation of major projects has greatly enhanced the international competitiveness of Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd., broken the long-term monopoly of German and Japanese enterprises in the field of high-end stamping equipment, and has the strength and level to compete with international top enterprises. General motors, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki and other international automobile giants have successively incorporated Ji'er into their global suppliers. Ji'er has become one of the world's three major stamping equipment manufacturers

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