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Auxiliary equipment makes the folding machine brilliant again (Part 2)

(accessories add spark) combined with the mail system. More profold's gps4000 self mail processing system can automatically process self mail mail. The system includes profold's parallel and right angle folding machine, labeling device, air blowing transmission device, address inkjet printing system (optional) and stacker. According to the number of processed mail, there is usually less than one common fault: the investment can be recovered in the year when the dial pointer has poor sensitivity. Printers and binders are preparing to integrate the mail service with their processing technology. Their usual processing and production is mainly mail printing and folding paste, and then sent to the post office for sorting and mailing. The gps4000 enables all the work to be completed within the enterprise, and requires only the least labor for efficient work. More importantly, the control of the mail is still in the hands of the processors, thus reducing the possibility of mail damage and ensuring that the mail is delivered to the customers on time. At the same time, the system can also paste stamps, stickers and labels on a variety of materials. For example, to paste on CD packaging boxes, just place a paper feeder between the right angle folding machine and the labeling/stickers. It is the primary task of the folding machine manufacturer to ensure that the equipment is easy to operate and the setting time between different printing activities is as short as possible. The folding machine can adjust the size during processing. The setting of the folding drum can be carried out offline and then replaced. Instead of setting each drum online on the folding machine. Manufacturers are producing folding machines that can be combined with trademark printing machines and wide width gravure printing machines for on-line folding processing. Customers have been looking for on-line processing folding machines for label production. Therefore, the manufacturer has produced a kind of folio folding machine that customers are very interested in, for those customers who have small binding machines and want to be able to process their own books. Some printers are also looking for a 16 open folding machine pendulum impact testing machine that can be processed online to conduct electronic experiments, so as to ensure that the folding processing has been completed when the printing is completed. In order to finish the folding process with high quality and on time, it is very important to find a proper balance between the automatic setting and manual setting of the folding machine. Excessive reliance on automation will make it impossible to compensate for changes in printing and cutting. Another factor is that today's folding machine is facing more and more recycled paper processing. Due to its variable physical properties, the folding machine is required to ensure that the paper has a stable paper feeding and will not slide. The change of this paper will affect the crease effect of the paper. All the floor folding machines of Baum company have been upgraded to meet this requirement and make it easier for beginners to set the printing gap and adjust the vacuum. Baum2015 folding machine is a latest model product. It provides a new choice for those enterprises that adopt small format printing and are changing from desktop folding machine to folding with larger printing number. Online folding with wrapping capability and the ability to add FSIS to the final packaging are also some of the features that customers are looking for. At the same time, the printing speed, counting capacity and off-line application of the printing machine are affecting the manufacturing mode of the folding machine. The folding system shall be fixed with two planes and clamping bolts to change the 1 section of the sample to operate at high speed, but good folding quality is required. It is difficult to fold at high speed with high printing speed. Now many folding machines not only need to be easy to set up, but also need to work in different locations in the factory. Therefore, portability is also one of the requirements of customers. Buhrs' itm16 folding machine is a high-speed knife folding machine, which is used for 16 page folding or book folding of newspapers, and the folding speed can reach 23000 fold per hour. It can be equipped with various paper feeders and is easy to be used online with some page dispensers or other post press processing equipment. Printers and binders are looking for folding machines that make the binding process more automated, thus making the binding process faster and more cost-effective. The increase in labor costs, the lack of qualified operators and customers' requirements for processing flexibility, as well as the requirements for rapid conversion of printing activities, have driven printers and bookbinding makers to rely more on automatic folding technology. GBR system company provides a Mathias bauerle (MB) cas52-b folding machine controlled by computer with set matic system. The folding machine has the full-automatic function of setting the folding plate, folding roller gap, folding alignment and transfer roller, and is completely calculated and set by the computer. When one of the 60 common folding methods is called out from the computer, the folding size, speed, folding gap, sheet overlap, paper feeding step, counting function, double sheet detection and paper feeding control, folding alignment and other data can be set automatically based on the stored information. Count machine has also launched several folding machines, including the medium-sized count fold 235s and the modular folding system with pneumatic paper feeding. It is equipped with adjustable roller thickness measuring device, composite/steel roller combination, indentation accessories and sealing bearings as standard, and the folding speed can reach 30000 sheets/hour. Count machine provides a set of folding equipment between desktop and floor type, one of which is medalist 870 folding machine. The folding machine can be equipped with right angle folding accessories, and is equipped with a rotary swing guide device, which can change the folding setting without dismantling the folding plate at all, and can also rotate and swing the paper feeding table to conveniently adjust the lower folding plate

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