The most popular automobile mold industry in China

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China's automobile mold industry is in the low-end construction.

the double space is the smallest model that people usually use.

the domestic automobile mold industry is developing very rapidly, and the automobile mold manufacturing enterprises have already had a considerable scale and number. However, insiders said that it is still in the low-end repeated construction, and there is still a big gap in high-end mold products. With the continuous development of the domestic automobile industry to the high end, the requirements for the required molds are becoming higher and higher. At present, the development, design and manufacturing capacity of China's high-end molds is far from being able to meet the needs of China's automobile industry with electronic universal testing machine, low-temperature test box, low-temperature bending instrument, anti perforation instrument, dynamic anti dry impermeable instrument, shore hardness tester, balance, large oven and laboratory temperature and humidity monitoring equipment with large deformation detection, High end molds still need to be imported in large quantities. Therefore, to solve the problem that high-end molds depend on imports, we must first improve China's mold manufacturing in order to better produce qualified machines. To improve the manufacturing level of molds in China, we must start from the development and manufacture of some high-end molds

according to relevant experts, the root restricting mold manufacturing technology is the high-end multi axis CNC machine tool for processing molds. We should make continuous efforts to develop high-end multi axis CNC machine tools with high-speed, composite, intelligent, environmental protection and other functions, so as to promote the domestic automobile mold industry to move towards the high end

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