The most popular automotive coatings in China rely

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China relies heavily on imports of automotive coatings

China relies heavily on imports of automotive coatings

december 23, 2003

december 11, 2003, the advanced materials and automotive industry development forum was held in Beijing. The relevant person in charge of the High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and technology pointed out at the meeting that at present, a large number of automotive materials rely on import, including steel, rubber crushed test blocks as target rubber, engineering plastics, coatings, ASTM g pin plate test methods for testing the friction performance of materials gasoline, diesel, etc. only aluminum and its compact alloy do not need to be imported. He expressed concern about the import pressure of materials

taking the opportunity of the forum, officials of relevant government departments and people in Beijing Automotive industry put forward constructive suggestions for the development of Beijing Automotive Industry and the planning and construction of the automotive industry chain, and discussed the solutions to the problems of materials and parts in the development of Beijing Automotive industry. The forum is intended to build a company that closely cooperates with automobile materials and parts superior products and automobile enterprises, and also firmly grasp the opportunity platform for the adjustment and transformation of national economic structure

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