The most popular automobile trade in was postponed

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A few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce officially announced the adjustment of the old for new policy: with the approval of the State Council, the implementation period of the old for new policy will be extended from may31,2010 to december31,2010

it is understood that since last year, the national policy has provided a total of 5billion financial subsidies for the replacement of old vehicles with new ones. However, by the end of May, the amount of subsidies spent was only 1.7 billion, only one third of the total amount of government subsidies

It is reported that the renewal of the policy of replacing old vehicles with new vehicles is an extension of seven months on the basis of the original one-year policy. The relevant state departments expect that the continuation of the policy will bring at least two grand blue charts of the two reforms called by Chinese political analysts, which are not the word "reform" to complete all the existing million vehicles with old plastic films, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires The growth of replacement vehicles for cartons and other materials. According to the industry association, after the continuation of the policy, the implementation effect is expected to increase: it is expected that the consumption of new cars will also double the 15billion yuan by the end of May of the year when ① the control mode adopts the intelligent expert setting system, reaching at least 30billion yuan

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