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Autonomous flight shooting, a new sample of the evolution of consumer UAV

Author: Jingyu

when the man pressed the power button and threw it away, a Book sized black flat square slowly rose into the air, followed behind the man, and the camera on the small platform recorded the image in front. With a simple command, the black book began to shoot 360 degrees around the man. The small devices erected on the spine of the book kept turning like the tentacles of insects, making it easy to avoid the obstacles around, complete its own tasks and follow the master in various ways

on the KickStarter page of the US crowdfunding station where the video is located, the crowdfunding amount of this UAV product named hover 2 has exceeded US $810000. When the amount exceeds US $1million, zero infinite will launch a product with a transparent back shell

two years ago, hover camera, the last generation product launched by zero infinity, launched the banner of replacing the selfie stick with UAV; Two years later, the upgraded hover 2 UAV announced with its autonomous flight + shooting function that a new battlefield for consumer UAVs was about to open. Two years after it disappeared from the public's eyes, wangmengqiu, the founder of zero technology, chatted with CIC about the new product hover 2 and the new possibility of consuming UAVs

hover 2 classic black and streamer transparent back shell version

bionic UAV

the first time I saw the hover camera in the investment was at the science and technology exhibition in early 2016. Unlike the familiar UAVs, the hover camera is small and simple. It can fly up to take photos without a controller. The exhibition area attracted a large number of visitors

after two years of dormancy, the zero infinite team came up with an upgraded version of the product, hover 2. The name of camera has been removed because the first one has made everyone understand what our product is. Wangmengqiu introduced in the interview. Although only one generation has passed, the capability of hover 2 has been greatly improved compared with that of the previous generation

hover camera product launch, in addition to throwing and flying, the user tracking function is also a highlight. There is a popular video on YouTube: a little boy uses a hover camera. The UAV follows the child to a tree. The little boy hides behind the tree and probes from time to time to play hide and seek with the UAV. At hover 2, the little boy's lovely game may not be completed, because the UAV will bypass the tree and continue to track the little boy

after upgrading from hardware to software, hover 2 is no longer limited to tracking users from one direction, but can track and shoot users from any 360 degree direction such as front, back and side. To complete such a function, the machine needs to be able to fully perceive the surrounding environment. A camera like the previous generation cannot achieve the goal. Hover 2 adopts a very rare scheme in hardware and designs a pair of binocular camera components that can bounce and rotate in the middle of the machine

before using hover 2, the user needs to press to pop up the binocular system. During the flight, the binocular camera system can be rotated to 270 degrees from left to right, so as to ensure the detection of the surrounding environment image in the flight direction of the UAV, whether it is moving forward, backward or sideways, and avoid possible obstacles

when talking about this design, wangmengqiu was quite satisfied, revealing that the inspiration came from the biological world. Vision is very important. The pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. However, people do not have three pairs of eyes because it wastes too much computing power. If you want to see the back, you can turn your neck. In fact, general UAVs are indeed equipped with binocular systems in several directions, but for micro UAVs such as hover 2, a pair of binocular systems is the limit, so we must make the best use of this binocular system. In terms of hardware, this set of binocular system should not only be able to eject, but also be able to maintain stable rotation during UAV flight, which is not a small challenge for the team. In order to achieve the goal, the binocular system of hover 2 uses precious metals, which is rare in consumer UAVs. In order to ensure light weight, most UAVs use plastic materials

the efforts of the zero zero team have paid off. With a pair of eyes that can rotate, the hover 2 has achieved a high level of all-round obstacle avoidance ability while maintaining a compact structure, and the UAV has the ability to fly autonomously. For wangmengqiu, hover 2, which can fly autonomously, represents the evolution direction of the next generation of UAV

2017 CES exhibition took a group photo with hover camera (the third on the right is Wang mengqiu)

bear market cultivation

the past two years have been the ebb of consumer UAV start-ups

when DJI's products account for 70% of the global UAV market, it has announced that the emerging industry of consumer UAV has reached a critical point. Around 2014, a number of companies such as Jifei, Yihang, zero intelligence control, 3D robotics, etc. successively obtained financing to try to make a big show in the field of UAVs. Three years later, these companies have changed to B or performance, and completely disappeared from the consumer field. Lily, a European and American manufacturer who once had high hopes, built a ready to fly UAV, and finally used several ticket jumps to verify the essence of the team's deception

from the perspective of wangmengqiu, the failures of peers have their own reasons. Some are that the technology is not in place but the marketing is first, and the curiosity of users can not fulfill their initial commitments; Some products passed the customs, but they were optimistic about the form of estimation. The release of production results were dragged down by inventory. Compared with the giants, every small mistake of a startup company may lead to ultimate failure. Wangmengqiu said that startups are treading on thin ice every day

it is hard to imagine that this was said by wangmengqiu. In the public's impression, the entrepreneurial journey of Dr. Stanford, who once worked for twitter and was a national second-class athlete, has always been smooth sailing. Wang successfully obtained financing when he founded zero infinity in 2014. In 2016, the team launched hover camera, which received a good response in the industry. The image of founder wangmengqiu was seen on TV and newspapers. His handsome appearance added a lot of points to the company

with the wave of UAV investment and changes in the economic situation, from 2017 to 2018, wangmengqiu and zero infinity seemed to disappear from the public eye. The only appearance was that foreign media exposed that snapchat, an American social application company, was interested in acquiring zero infinity. Wang mengqiu denied this statement. Wangmengqiu revealed that the possibility of normal negotiation and cooperation between the two companies was over interpreted by the outside world. Now the world is also very strange. If you say no, people will doubt that there must be an inside story; If so, people will suspect that there may be something else. Wangmengqiu roast

for these two years, wangmengqiu summarized it as calming down to suppress the product. Wangmengqiu kept silent about the difficulties the company had faced. Even a man as powerful as musk, Tesla almost went bankrupt eight times after the IPO. Few start-ups go well. Wang said that he thought it was a psychological problem. In the face of the company's difficulties, he chose to persist rather than give up. How else, you have no leg today, and you won't live tomorrow

and dare to choose persistence. Wang believes that courage comes from rational judgment. AI on UAV is realized earlier than artificial intelligence such as unmanned driving

new UAV market

based on Wang mengqiu's resume, when 192 UPVC profiles were hot money everywhere four years ago, you can choose any outlet to start a business until it reached the limit position on the right hand side of the instrument. In fact, even in the past two years, like many entrepreneurs, he can turn around and invest in new outlets, such as AI, blockchain, etc. However, Wang did not do so. His experience of studying machine learning at Stanford made him aware that the artificial intelligence applications that people are looking forward to, such as driverless technology, may take much longer than expected to achieve

what machines are good at is to do 98% of things. Wangmengqiu said that, however, functions such as unmanned driving, which need to be accurate to many decimal places, put forward very high requirements for the machine. Even waymo, who first began to study unmanned driving, admitted that it may take decades to realize unmanned driving. Through AI technology, the passive control UAV can be turned into an autonomous flying UAV in a short time. Equipment technology, exchange technology and exchanger technology, AI can blossom and bear fruit in all aspects of UAV

another reason for wangmengqiu's persistence is the potential of the consumer UAV market. Although Dajiang has occupied most of the market share of consumer UAVs, the UAV industry is still in its early stage. Most of the UAV users are still model aircraft fans, enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts. Controlling UAVs alone is not acceptable to ordinary consumers. However, the autonomous flying UAV represented by hover 2 enables ordinary consumers to take large aerial photos and videos. There are 1 Next to the operation, Yu hopes to open the real consumer market for UAVs

Two years later, wangmengqiu appeared in public again. In Wang's opinion, low-key or publicity is worth it as long as it is for better products

when asked about his expectations for the future of the company, wangmengqiu replied: I hope hover 2 can reach thousands of households

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