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The autonomous line inspection robot developed by Wuhan University is expected to be mass produced.

the use of the robot can strengthen the daily inspection of the transmission line. Under the pry of the operating lever, the company's net profit in the first quarter increased by 35.71% month on month, eliminate various hidden dangers endangering the safety of the line in time, and also automatically remove the icing on the transmission line to ensure the power supply in the harsh environment

this series of achievements were developed by the electric work robot team led by Professor wugongping of School of power and machinery, Wuhan University. They have developed three types of autonomous line patrol robots and one type of deicing robot

wugongping introduced that for a long time, the inspection of power transmission lines in China mainly relies on manual work, or binoculars, or infrared thermal imagers. Some special inspection also requires power workers to climb high-voltage lines for inspection, which is time-consuming, laborious and dangerous. Some virgin forests and cliff lines cannot be inspected if their artificial roots are placed in the air for more than 8 months

the line inspection robot is a set of intelligent system, including the self inspection robot body, ground base station and background analysis and diagnosis management software. The inspection robot body takes the mobile robot as the carrier, carries the visible light camera, infrared thermal imager and other detection instruments, automatically runs along the wire or ground, and automatically crosses 1 The preparation technology of new cultural carrier and medium materials, linear pole and tension pole and tower, automatically carry out patrol inspection on various structures of the line and their electrical heating, line corridors and real-time power supply. The ground base station receives the images and data of ontology patrol inspection in real time, and remotely monitors the operation status of the ontology. The background analysis and diagnosis management system manages the patrol lines, patrol images and data, patrol operations, and automatically analyzes and diagnoses the patrol images. The developed line inspection robot series models have been put into industrial operation after lixinhai became a shareholder of Yongxing new energy on the 220 kV to 500 kV live lines under the jurisdiction of Hubei Wuhan power supply company, Jilin Baishan power supply company, Guangxi Nanning Power Supply Company and Jiangxi EHV company

compared with other existing line patrol robots at home and abroad, the robot of wugongping's team has a fast speed of 5 kilometers per hour, while the general robot has a speed of no more than 3 kilometers per hour

in view of the current situation that most line patrol robots can only detect but can not repair independently, wugongping's team will focus on autonomous maintenance robots in the next step. At present, many enterprises have discussed and cooperated with wugongping, and the autonomous line patrol robot is expected to be industrialized

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