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The automobile paint industry has a large market demand and a considerable amount of titanium dioxide

the automobile paint industry has a large market demand and a considerable amount of titanium dioxide

September 22, 2013

[China paint information] in the proportion of the total output of coatings, architectural coatings account for 30%-40% of the total output of coatings, and industrial coatings account for 60%-70%. It can be seen that the industrial coating is the pillar of the coating industry. What is the proportion of industrial coatings in the coating industry? Taking China as an example, the total output of coatings in China in 2012 was about 12.7 million tons, of which industrial coatings accounted for 70%, and this proportion is still on the rise, of which automotive coatings accounted for about 1/10. In 2012, China's automobile output will reach 19million, and a total of about 760000 tons of automobile coatings will be required, including about 395000 tons of new car paint, about 150000 tons of repair paint, and about 215000 tons of component paint and PVC stone strike resistant paint. It should be mentioned that since the 1990s, In order to meet the environmental protection standards, European and American automobile factories adopt environmental friendly automobile coatings to replace the traditional organic solvent based automobile LEGO. J rgen Vig knudstorp, CEO and President, issued a statement saying: "This is an important step taken by LEGO Group to achieve the goal of the majestic and sustainable development of materials by 2030. By 2001, the proportion of cars that have adopted water-based intermediate paint and base color paint in the total output was 7% and 43% in North America, 32.5% and 36% in Europe. Among them, Germany has basically achieved water-based, with intermediate paint accounting for 80% and base color paint accounting for 93%. However, the proportion of cars that have adopted water-based base color paint in Asia is only 1.5%. Therefore, in Asia, the proportion of primers will be greater Development space. In China, China's industrial coatings, like civil coatings, are far from saturated. Automotive paint belongs to the category of industrial paint. In the coating industry of the Yangtze River Delta region of China, automotive coatings and industrial coatings are in the forefront of China

the growth rate of domestic automobile sales in 2013, 2014 and 2015 will be 13%, 24% and 21% respectively. On the basis of the growth level of 5% in 2012, the growth rate of automobile sales in 2013 is fully guaranteed to reach 13%, and the total profit of the industry is expected to increase by more than 18% year-on-year; In 2014 and 2015, China's automobile industry will usher in another two-year "golden time" with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. At that time, China's automobile industry will reach its peak, and the sales volume will reach about 35million vehicles (including exports and foreign production)

2013, according to the national data statistics of xinhuanxin, white accounted for 27.8% and has surpassed black to become the biggest winner in the market in 2013, with a two-color combination of 18.4%; Silver grey 12.7%; Red 6.1%; Orange accounts for 3.8%, of which white, black and two colors account for 65.4%, accounting for half of the car colors. If you make a careful calculation, there are many introductions about the alloys and products that can be produced by this method if each vehicle needs 15 kg of paint. The amount of titanium dioxide accounts for about 9%. Based on the automobile output of 1900 vehicles in 2012, the white series accounts for 27.8%, so the national amount of titanium dioxide is as high as 13000 tons. This figure will continue to grow with the increase of automobile production and people's preference for the white series

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