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nowadays, with the improvement of national consumption level, people are not limited to practical functions of household products. When inspecting products, they often include aesthetics and environmental protection. So, is the decorative material product of integrated wall harmful to human body? Let's see from what aspects to judge whether the integrated wall is harmful to the human body

first, bamboo and wood raw materials

in order to make money and strive for greater benefits, many enterprises often use recycled materials to shoddy. The bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panel made of recycled materials has a black cross-section, and there will be spots on the surface. The smell is pungent. This bamboo wood fiber integrated wall is toxic. If new materials are used, there will generally be no harm. It is generally recommended to use wood fiber materials such as Phyllostachys pubescens, poplar and birch with relatively low oil content. Because these materials are tough enough, and they are not easy to produce embrittlement in the later stage. Of course, if it is other bamboo fiber powder, as long as it is new material, the impact will not be great

II. PVC resin

pvc resin powder is also one of the standards to judge whether the bamboo wood fiber integrated wall is toxic, which is aimed at new materials. If recycled materials are used, it is easy to produce formaldehyde, resulting in later thermal expansion and cold shrinkage deformation, as well as the emission of formaldehyde. If the cross section of the integrated wallboard is green or very yellow, it is made of recycled materials, because the PVC resin is light yellow, and the color of bamboo and wood fiber powder should be milky white

III. calcium powder

the purpose of calcium powder is to increase the hardness of plates. We all want to know whether the bamboo wood fiber integrated wallboard is poisonous. We should not only pay attention to the recycling problem, but also pay attention to whether the calcium powder is pure natural light calcium powder. If other stone powders are used, it is very easy to make the board very brittle. This kind of board is easy to crack when it is encountered when carrying furniture or playing with children. And with the passage of time, aging is very easy to occur

IV. film coating process

the color of the surface of the integrated wall panel is generally PVC film, which is generally carried out at high temperature and constant temperature during the film coating process. If the glue used is environmentally friendly bamboo wood fiber glue, the formaldehyde content will generally not be higher than 0.1mg/l. Then this degree of environmental protection is not harmful to human body. However, in order to save costs, some manufacturers use ordinary glue, which will release a large amount of formaldehyde and benzene, which will do great harm to human body. Therefore, during the later use of the film, it will not only affect the later service life of the plate, but also affect people's health and safety

the bamboo wood fiber integrated wall itself is non-toxic, but many manufacturers do not hesitate to add recycled materials in order to make huge profits, resulting in the false impression that the bamboo wood fiber integrated wall is toxic. In order to let consumers truly understand the bamboo wood fiber integrated wall and enter the world of bamboo wood fiber, home decorators must carefully choose manufacturers and work together to create environmentally friendly homes

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